Wednesday, May 13, 2009

pls see my new blog

nuff said. :-)

Wednesday, December 17, 2008


I miss ranting big time. It lets loose my tensed brain cells. But I gotta hold it all off until I finish this major project that I'm currently working on. Maybe I am indeed being "infantile" LOL! Gotta pray harder so that I won't even have to feel the need to rant after the big day. Aum mama.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

i'm back?

yeah. it has been a while. a lot of things have changed. but surely for the better. aside from just turning 29 last Saturday, i've got new things up my sleeve. new stuff in my inbox. stuff to sort and accomplish. also, better hopes and plans for the years to come. although i'm still not decided what to do with this blog. and my other "new" blogs. will keep you guys posted. rock on!

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

maraming salamat sa Kanya.

alam Niya kung kung ano ang tunay kong kailangan. nung nakaraang buwan ay dumating sa buhay ko ang masasabi kong isa sa mga pinakamabigat na problemang aking naranasan. sa sobrang tindi nito ay di ko magawang matulog o kumain at inabot ako ng trangkaso. nawalan ako ng ganang magtrabaho at halos gusto ko nang bitawan ang lahat ng pinaghirapan ko. wala lang. makalipas ang ilang araw ay naayos din naman ang problemang iyon. pero hanggang nung mga nagdaang linggo ay obvious pa rin ang epekto ng mga pag-eemote ko. isang kliyente ang hindi ko magawang padalhan ng billing sapagkat talaga namang hindi ko nakarir ang trabahong iniatas sa akin. pagdating ng mga bills, kinakapos ako sa pambayad. aaminin ko, natukso akong ipadala ang billing na iyon at palalabasin ko na lang sana na di pa tapos ang proyekto sa takdang oras dahil may mga aberya. pero di ko talaga maatim na manloko ng kapwa. makalipas pa ang ilang mga linggo, dumagsa ang mga oportunidad at halos doble ng halaga ng billing na hindi ko ipinadala. kaya't ako'y tunay na nagpapasalamat dahil sa Kanyang gabay ay ginawa ko ang tama. at ngayon sa Kanyang basbas ay bumabalik ang grasya.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Awesome News and Just for Kicks, a $20 contest!

My new site is up. Yehey!!!! Guess what is the name and the domain of the blog? Now we're in for a little contest...



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  5. only comments with their URL entry are counted as valid contest entries
  6. the first thirty people to comment gets 20 EC credits each


  1. those who are able to give the correct answers are automatically qualified for a raffle draw.
  2. i will give three lucky winners $5 via Paypal or AlertPay, 100 EC credits, and one 125x125 ad on my new site for three months.


  1. if you you've guessed the URL right, (that means you were able to visit it), link up the NEW URL to your site and add it as your favorite in Technorati.
  2. the one who will be able to drive the most number of unique visitors to my NEW site gets an additional $5 via Paypal or AlertPay, 200 EC credits and a 125x125 ad on my site for six months.

Contest runs until Sept. 30, 2008 at 12 Midnight (GMT+8 time). Raffle draw and tallying of visitor referrals will be held on October 1, 2008. Winners will be posted here and on my new blog.

Sounds easy!? Go ahead and get started!

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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

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Monday, August 11, 2008

Flu. Wordpress. DP. Coke. Eheads.

I'm down with flu and wordpress customization is killing me. I've got tons to read and to practice to get my own site up and running. And it must be done the soonest. Why? BECAUSE TIME IS MONEY! So far I've done a nice Photoshop layout, but coding it to fit wordpress is time consuming! I tried looking for someone else to do it for me. I hope it works out fast.

I signed up with digital point's forums a few days ago. It's a must-have for any blogger/webmaster as it is like an open resource for massive topics from search engines, SEO, link development, PPC Advertising, affiliate programs, up to web design and development, programming, site and server admin... GEEKY, but fun! And my most favorite area in the forum is the marketplace, where we can get to promote our products and services, access to contests and freebies, and so much more! I found out that there's a big community of Pinoys over there and I'm really glad because it just means that we are not being left behind by our foreign counterparts when it comes to online endeavors.

In fact, last friday, my hubby and I went to Buhay Coke's Blogger Event at Taste Asia (in SM MOA). And I got to meet bigtime pinoy online stars like Philip and Gary who are earning unthinkable figures from paid blogging and SEO. Just like my friend and online money-making guru, major kontrapelo who is earning thousands of dollars "even without having a visa, " as his tagline goes.

I was called up by a Marlboro Redlist staff asking me to re-upload my passport so I could get my password and be a legit member of their community. So that's what I did, hoping to get myself tickets to the Eraserheads reunion concert. I keep checking my mail but still no sign of free tix. Hmmm. I hope Marlboro doesn't back out because a lot, and I mean A LOT! of people are being negative about the band having been reunited because of the money, and more so, through the generosity of a cigarette brand. I mean, come on people! We're talking about the reunion of the greatest Pinoy band ever! Stop whining! Just kidding!

But seriously guys, as per government warning: smoking is DEADLY! (Have you noticed how my paragraphs all started with the letter "I"? Sheesh.)