Wednesday, December 17, 2008


I miss ranting big time. It lets loose my tensed brain cells. But I gotta hold it all off until I finish this major project that I'm currently working on. Maybe I am indeed being "infantile" LOL! Gotta pray harder so that I won't even have to feel the need to rant after the big day. Aum mama.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

i'm back?

yeah. it has been a while. a lot of things have changed. but surely for the better. aside from just turning 29 last Saturday, i've got new things up my sleeve. new stuff in my inbox. stuff to sort and accomplish. also, better hopes and plans for the years to come. although i'm still not decided what to do with this blog. and my other "new" blogs. will keep you guys posted. rock on!

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

maraming salamat sa Kanya.

alam Niya kung kung ano ang tunay kong kailangan. nung nakaraang buwan ay dumating sa buhay ko ang masasabi kong isa sa mga pinakamabigat na problemang aking naranasan. sa sobrang tindi nito ay di ko magawang matulog o kumain at inabot ako ng trangkaso. nawalan ako ng ganang magtrabaho at halos gusto ko nang bitawan ang lahat ng pinaghirapan ko. wala lang. makalipas ang ilang araw ay naayos din naman ang problemang iyon. pero hanggang nung mga nagdaang linggo ay obvious pa rin ang epekto ng mga pag-eemote ko. isang kliyente ang hindi ko magawang padalhan ng billing sapagkat talaga namang hindi ko nakarir ang trabahong iniatas sa akin. pagdating ng mga bills, kinakapos ako sa pambayad. aaminin ko, natukso akong ipadala ang billing na iyon at palalabasin ko na lang sana na di pa tapos ang proyekto sa takdang oras dahil may mga aberya. pero di ko talaga maatim na manloko ng kapwa. makalipas pa ang ilang mga linggo, dumagsa ang mga oportunidad at halos doble ng halaga ng billing na hindi ko ipinadala. kaya't ako'y tunay na nagpapasalamat dahil sa Kanyang gabay ay ginawa ko ang tama. at ngayon sa Kanyang basbas ay bumabalik ang grasya.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Awesome News and Just for Kicks, a $20 contest!

My new site is up. Yehey!!!! Guess what is the name and the domain of the blog? Now we're in for a little contest...



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Contest runs until Sept. 30, 2008 at 12 Midnight (GMT+8 time). Raffle draw and tallying of visitor referrals will be held on October 1, 2008. Winners will be posted here and on my new blog.

Sounds easy!? Go ahead and get started!

Web Hosting Reviews, Rating and Awards

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This worked well only at the start, but it got confusing in the long run because of the information overload. Not only that, some site reviews appeared too good to be true that it looked like it was just a marketing ploy for a fly-by-night web hosting company. Just when I was on the brink of pressing the checkout button on first site that appeared from the search results page, I found out about this comprehensive web host rating that gave all the valuable information I needed to decide.

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Want more value for this free information? Go check out their articles section where every conceivable techie term is dissected for layman’s consumption.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

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Monday, August 11, 2008

Flu. Wordpress. DP. Coke. Eheads.

I'm down with flu and wordpress customization is killing me. I've got tons to read and to practice to get my own site up and running. And it must be done the soonest. Why? BECAUSE TIME IS MONEY! So far I've done a nice Photoshop layout, but coding it to fit wordpress is time consuming! I tried looking for someone else to do it for me. I hope it works out fast.

I signed up with digital point's forums a few days ago. It's a must-have for any blogger/webmaster as it is like an open resource for massive topics from search engines, SEO, link development, PPC Advertising, affiliate programs, up to web design and development, programming, site and server admin... GEEKY, but fun! And my most favorite area in the forum is the marketplace, where we can get to promote our products and services, access to contests and freebies, and so much more! I found out that there's a big community of Pinoys over there and I'm really glad because it just means that we are not being left behind by our foreign counterparts when it comes to online endeavors.

In fact, last friday, my hubby and I went to Buhay Coke's Blogger Event at Taste Asia (in SM MOA). And I got to meet bigtime pinoy online stars like Philip and Gary who are earning unthinkable figures from paid blogging and SEO. Just like my friend and online money-making guru, major kontrapelo who is earning thousands of dollars "even without having a visa, " as his tagline goes.

I was called up by a Marlboro Redlist staff asking me to re-upload my passport so I could get my password and be a legit member of their community. So that's what I did, hoping to get myself tickets to the Eraserheads reunion concert. I keep checking my mail but still no sign of free tix. Hmmm. I hope Marlboro doesn't back out because a lot, and I mean A LOT! of people are being negative about the band having been reunited because of the money, and more so, through the generosity of a cigarette brand. I mean, come on people! We're talking about the reunion of the greatest Pinoy band ever! Stop whining! Just kidding!

But seriously guys, as per government warning: smoking is DEADLY! (Have you noticed how my paragraphs all started with the letter "I"? Sheesh.)

Thursday, August 7, 2008


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So, what are you waiting for!?

Log on now to and type:
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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Eraserheads Reunion Concert

Yes, the rumors are true. It's confirmed. The biggest Filipino rock band ever, the Eraserheads, Ely, Raimund, Buddy, and Marcus are together again and will be performing live in a reunion concert on August 30, 2008 at the CCP open grounds. I'm just so excited to see these guys back together on stage.

The first time I saw them was in the second semester of 1996, during their Fruitcake album signing event at the newly opened Ever Gotesco in Recto. Silly me, I missed the "Fruitcake album signing" part. All I knew was I had to skip classes to be there and catch their live performance at the mall's Food Court. So I was in a haze looking for the stage and their setup. I was even paranoid that they won't be coming because there was no sign of one Eraserheads concert staff or crew. Even the guards of Ever had no idea that there was an Eraserheads performance. I even doubted if they actually knew that Eraserheads was a band, not a brand of eraser sold at any National Bookstore! (They kept pointing me towards that direction, by the way!)

I was almost deranged when I realized that THERE WAS NO CONCERT! JUST AN ALBUM SIGNING SESSION! But then the guards were still clueless as what was about to happen and where it was going to happen. There were also other hopefuls all over the place, I knew they were Eraserheads fans because they all came down from the Food Court, they had that confused look in their eyes, and their fruitcake albums in their hands of course! Then I had another epiphany, I was supposed to have a Fruitcake album to be able to get inside wherever this event would be taking place. I didn't even bother to check my pocket because I knew I only had twenty pesos, enough for me to get home from Ever Gotesco. I had a serious dilemna because I had to get money, but I couldn't leave the other Eheads hopefuls and risk losing the lead to the event, and time was running out but I still had no Fruitcake album!

Then out of dust, the guards suddenly looked professional and started making a formation as if a VIP was coming and they started to make those gestures asking us to move aside. I knew what it meant so I started running like crazy towards the Food Court! I can't remember how the hell it happened but when I got there the Eraserheads were already there and a long queue of Fruitcake owners was already in place! Talk about madness! So I jumped across the security ropes and ran as fast as I could, as I stepped my right foot on the stage, two guards ran towards me and grabbed both my arms and "carried" me away from the band. I was so embarrassed that I pointed at the first guy that I saw and told the guards that "I'm with him!" Poor guy, he was so shocked but he didn't deny anything so I was able to get in line right after him. And while I'm being at my cutest, I borrowed his other Eheads albums just to justify my being there. He said, as long as I get the band to sign it and I return it to him its fine.

After a few seconds I found myself handing my magnetic phonebook (the one that opens up a long accordion of paper but folds neatly like a wallet size photo) to Buddy, Raimund, Ely and finally Marcus. I was so freaking starstrucked that I wasn't able to even say anything except, "could you please sign on this?" I forgot to have the poor guy's albums signed! But hey, I still fulfilled half of the bargain by returning it to him. LOL!

Last time I saw them was in February 1998 in the UP Fair held at the UP Sunken Garden. That was ten freaking years ago! I was with my friends Toni and Breezy. We weren't on the front row, but we were on the back stage! And I don't even recall of paying for the tickets because we might have gate crashed. No, I'm just kidding. We might have been given free tickets by the USC-UP Fair organizing team.

So we have been waiting for them for more than three hours, and suddenly I needed to pee! And the nearest decent CR was in the College of Engineering! It's like a ten-minute walk to get there. I almost wanted to put it off until they finish their set but I really really had to go. So I hurriedly went there to do my thing. But just before I was through, I heard the emcee announce that the Eraserheads is on. I knew it because they were doing the intro of "Alapaap." So I didn't even bother to wipe, I just zipped my pants and ran to the Sunken Garden like CRAZY!!!

When I got to the backstage was ecstatic! It felt like I was on top of the world to be able to see them live and up close. I kept hollering at Raimund to play Andalusian Dog, but he wouldn't hear me at first. When he finally heard me, he pointed at Ely as if saying, "Tell it to THE MAN!" Oh well I was on cloud nine as they performed each song. I was so in love with Ely and the gang that I wished I was the microphone!

After the performance I asked Marcus for his pick, but he ended up giving me his lighter, which only encouraged me to smoke. LOL! We got to have a photo with Buddy, and I got to chat with Ely in the parking lot. It was one of the greatest moments in Philippine History!

That was a long drift. Back to the Eraserheads reunion concert. They won't be selling tickets. LOL! But they are giving it for free online! I'll keep you posted on where you can get it, so keep coming back for more info.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Adobe Contribute

I just installed Adobe CS3 Master Collection on my PC this morning and there is this new software in the bundle called Contribute which makes it possible for bloggers to manage and edit their blogs without having to log into their blog accounts. I am using Contribute now to make this post and it's cool to see how my post would actually look like on my Firefox browser as I type the words. Type. Type. Type. COOL!



After meeting with majorkontrapelo and some of his millionaire friends neil and almer last Saturday night, my hubby and I are very determined to seriously invest in online money-making opportunities. So far my blogging has helped me earn an extra $40 last month. Not bad, right? But that's not good enough compared to their six to seven figure income from internet marketing and other stuff which  I don't know how to call. I've learned tons of stuff from these guys. In fact, the information overload is so overwhelming that I haven't had a decent sleep for the past two days!

One of the most important things that I have learned from that meeting is that the internet is such a huuuuge gold mine, and it is only waiting for us to learn the ways to maximize its multi-million income potential. There are plenty of ways to earn, and paid blogging is just one of them. In fact, of all the topics we have covered, I am very much interested in learning those automated income generating schemes! I mean, all I have to do is to be careful and smart enough to find out which sites to invest, sit back and wait for the money to rain on me.

Then I can add more cars to our Sparky, And maybe a condo in every business district. A mansion in every city. A resthouse in every tourist spot in every country. My very own spa and healthclub. My very own TV Network and Film Studio. WHOA! That's what I'm talking about!

Friday, August 1, 2008

Random Heads Up

Yes This Load!

Someone gave a not-so-nice comment about my blog by posting a short write up on his blog. How do I react? I posted a nice comment on his blog. LOL! Because I have to thank him for at least one back link job done for me. KEWL!

First Day of Fitness Again!

Today is my first day of going back to the gym. I am imagining that it won't be that hard to get back in shape. I so miss doing my cardio and weights, and most especially my relaxing moments at the steam bath and sauna.


I just saw this funny movie last night and it made me think about my college days. Of how much oblation freedom there is in the campus, and how much we whined about the admin and the government and everything else that sucks. If I were to relive my life, I choose to still undergo the same experience, but maybe not the part where I fail the Math departmentals!

Designer's Block!

Something is wrong. My designer's block has taken it's toll. And I experience it more often for the past few months. When I asked my spiritual teacher about it he just gave me two words: "DROP EVERYTHING!" I said what do you mean "drop everything!?" He repeated to me: "DROP EVERYTHING! Go outside, play with the kids, watch a funny movie. Don't think about work and free your mind of clutter. After about an hour or two, when you go back to work, you'll see things in a different light, and your creative juices are gonna start flowing."

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Make $100 Online

Sounds easy? Yes it is! My friend and blogging guru majorkontrapelo is giving away up to $100 in cold cash in his Make Money Online contest. All you have to do is...

1. subscribe to his feeds
2. blog about his contest
3. post your entry url here to complete your entry
4. and finally, post a comment here to help me get an extra $10.

Contest runs until August 2, 2008.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Goodbye to Helmet...

Say Hello to Seatbelt! Introducing our very own Chevy Spark 2008! It just makes me giggle every time my hubby presses the keyless entry control. I'm not even sure what it's called. It's that thing attached to our car key that makes a high pitched "chwoot" sound when you press it and it unlocks the car doors without actually inserting the key. Whew!

Well, this is not the actual picture. But our car looks exactly like this. Except of course the plate says Chevrolet Quezon Ave. Registered blah-blah...

It has been a looong past five days for us. Getting the banks to approve our auto loan. Having to answer all those calls from the C.I. officers. Making sure that all post-approval documents are complete. Dropping by the bank to get a Manager's Check to make that downpayment. Issuing those PDCs only to get them back because we switched to a better bank. Texting and calling our agent to confirm what kind of tint, matting, seat cover and plate ending number we wanted.

And finally the day of the release of the car. We let my Dad drive it first because my hubby still had to refresh his driving skills. So Dad was sitting on the driver's seat, hubby on his side and I was sitting at the back with Mom. But that's not all. We've only just begun!


On the way home, when we first entered our street, there was this drunk jacka** blocking our way and he wouldn't let us through. It's a one lane only street, so there was no other way but to warn him to move over and let us pass. So my Dad politely waved at him and pointed him to move, which he did ungracefully.

As we drove past, he tapped rudely on our car and walked away. Animal instincts probably dominated my hubby and he immediately got out and called out to him and asked him "What are you doing that tapping for!?" Before my husband was fully out of the car, I also got out and mustered all the courage to back up. Images of self-defense were rapidly playing in my mind as he approached us. And all I did was asked him the same question in a nicer, gentler manner. Nobody knew that my heart was pounding, my mind was screaming "whatdahe** this is not happening!?"

Turns out that we was not drunk. He was just pretending to be drunk. I knew it because he didn't reek of alcohol, but he was swaying like he's just acting. And in defense he even said,

"I just needed something to lean on because I was drunk!" Then my hubby said, "You didn't have to do that to my car."

"This is not your car!" Yours is a motorcycle. This isn't yours." Hubby just said, "Okay just don't do that again." Good thing that my hubby and I are struggling to be nice (even if deep inside I felt the adrenaline rush to manhandle!), so my hubby said something to calm him down which sounded gibberish to me, because I was either so nervous or so mad at him for being such a j**k. All that came out of my mouth were, "Then better be careful while walking!" Then Mr. I-have-to-prove-Im-drunk directed his gaze at me and said, "I know you! I know you! You're the niece of Meroo, were friends!" But he was saying it half-rudely. So I said "Yeah I am who you think I am!" Then my hubby just calmed him down again and he walked away.

I suddenly noticed all of our neighbors were watching us. I felt quite relieved that there were witnesses, in case something really nasty happens.

So, I thought that was the end. But he returned with a bunch of guys, whom I first thought was backing him up. As they approached, I told my husband to go inside and let me handle it. Because if he was up to something really nasty then I want him to get through me first. Writing about this now makes me think, what the he** was going on my mind!? My heart was racing once again, especially when my hubby wouldn't go inside the house. But I noticed that the guys weren't backing him up, they were in fact, stopping him from tripping on us. Perhaps realizing that it was all of us against him he just said. "Why would I tap your car, I cannot afford to pay for anything!" his hands were waving like crazy.

At that point, the guys were pulling him back. And then my hubby just tapped him on the shoulder and said. "It's okay now. Okay." And he smiled. I smiled back (AS IF!!?) Something inside me was screaming "OMG, PLEASE SEND HIM HOME AND LEAVE US IN PEACE." Finally when he saw that my hubby and I are both smiling he went happily home but on the way he shouted, "I don't wanna hear news of this in the Barangay tomorrow!" Ugh! What a crazy creature!

But the day's adventure has another twist. Read it only here. Tomorrow!

Friday, July 25, 2008

Arte y Pico Award

Receiving an award for blogging is something I was not expecting at all. Which is why this Arte y Pico Blog Award which was given to me by the Wandering Elephant is really extra special. Thank you for this, it makes me feel that my efforts in blogging are all worth the while.

Having said that made me look back and think about how much blogging has affected me as a blogger with an online identity, and me as a real person. A lot of things have changed. Like surfing habits and my way of looking at things. Whereas before when all I do is check my mail and surf for digital juice and stock photography, now I feel compelled to visit as many sites from my growing blogroll as possible. Whereas before when I write almost everything with angst, now I have to be careful and maintain a positive atmosphere so as not to drive advertisers away. Which is good, because I get to practice positive thinking and feeling so that it gets reflected in how I write, and how I execute my creative artworks. (In fact, I no longer feel that my online identity is far from my real-life identity. Not that I have a split personality or something, it is just an observation. I mean, if you are reading on materials like cyberculture and stuff, you'd be noticing these matters.) Oh well, I'm drifting...

Anyways, I'd like to devote the next lines to my blogging buddy and real-life friend of more than a decade... Wandering Elephant. Thank you so much. I know this blog is not even enough to tell the world how much we've shared and gone through. Wait this is becoming like a friendster testimonial already... But hey! Let me say this at least: Your blogs have just begun. I'm sure it will ring a bell all around cyberspace in no time. And with you giving me this award, I'm also positive that my blogs' gonna be ringing bells as well. So from the bottom of my heart... Muchas Gracias! And for all of you avid readers, my gratitude extends far and wide. Now it's time that I give the award.

The rules for passing this honor on:

1) Pick 5 blogs that you would like to award this honor to.
2) Each award has to have the name of the author and also a link to his or her blog to be visited by everyone.
3) Each award winner has to show the award and put the name and link to the blog that has given her or him the award itself.
4) Award-winner and the one who has given the prize have to show the link of “Arte y Pico” blog, so everyone will know the origin of this award.

The award goes to the following blogs which make my surfing day colorful:

1.) Meg Sioson's Let Them Eat Cake
2.) Mike Santiago's What's in Mike's Mind Today?
3.) Ella's Blog ni Ella
4.) Faye's Fond of Flowers
5.) Ruby's Blessings and Beyond

If you've received this award already, I might have missed your post. LOL! But what the heck!? At least you are getting it from me this time!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

For Your Eyes Only

I wasn't exactly surprised with the results of my optical test yesterday. All the headaches, nausea, and difficulty in reading that I've experienced for the past three weeks says it loud in clear. I only needed an optician to confirm that I did have an astigmatism.

But I guess I'm still lucky because I didn't have to go far to look for the perfect pair of eyeglasses. As I was doing my usual surfing I chanced upon Zenni Optical on FOX news!

I have never been this excited looking for eyeglasses because there are a lot of Incredible Stylish New Frames From Zenni like the one shown on this photo.

I found a huge selection of frames and lenses unlike those that are usually found in the malls. And what's even better is that Zenni Optical $ 8 Rx Eyeglasses are truly $8 only.

Now, you may be wondering how can they be so affordable? It is because they have gone past middlemen and advertising costs by selling only their own manufactured frames and lenses directly to customers, like us!

My Recipe

The Recipe For Andrea

3 parts Sexiness

2 parts Silliness

1 part Cleverness

Splash of Rebellion

Sip slowly on the beach

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Thinking Out Loud!

I know I've got tons of pictures and stories to post. But this news just can't wait. Remember my story about our plan to sell our house? Finally, we've got a buyer. Now we are waiting for the payment to be made and then I'm off to the nearest Shopping Mall to get me something really nasty. Like, a killer pair of shades from Oakley. Or perhaps, a killer pair of Nike ACG cross-trainers. How about a killer pair of Tag Heuer watch for me and my hubby?

Or maybe that darn Macbook Pro 17" and that Nikon D80 I've been drooling about. Ugh! It is just so tempting to splurge away. But I've gotta keep my eyes on the bigger prize. I'm thinking...

Monday, July 14, 2008

My KL Trip is the BOMB!

Wow! I just got back from my KL Trip and I must say it was one of the best experiences I have ever had. Headlines only: I got to experience my first cable car ride. I climbed 200+ steps in the Batu caves. I had my first ever bubble bath in a five star hotel. I tasted Mangoosteen for the first time. I sang my heart on on the videoke. OMG! It was really fun! Will be posting write ups and pics later. Meantime, I still got some catching up to do with my hubby and baby. And I still have to distribute my "pasalubong" for my family and friends! Later! Mwah!

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Back from Subic!

Our Team Building Camp was a tremendous success! Over 500 delegates from the Philippines, Malaysia, Dubai, Saudi, Qatar, Bahrain, Mauritius and Nigeria came together to take part of the "Ultimate Sailor's Adventure." It was quite exhausting to take the videos, but it was all worth it! Would love to share some stories and insights and probably post some pictures here and in my friendster. But right now, I gotta catch up with my baby and hubby and finish another episode of graphics for my super-dee-duper kiddie show before I leave for Malaysia. I heard that we're going to be hotel-hopping there, and I'm finally going to experience Genting Highlands. Those who have been there say that it's cold up there so I'm packing all my sweaters and jackets! BRRRRR!!! I'll be back on Sunday, July 13. See you all again soon!

Friday, July 4, 2008

Small Business Loans

With all the rising cost of living, more and more people are jumping into entrepreneurship these days. Not only does it provide another stream of income for regular wage earners, it also helps build the country's economy.

But, first things first. Although it is fine and good to have a vision and a marketing plan for your business, you should have your working capital handy. I know this for a fact, and from experience. I've searched far and wide for companies that offer small business loans. Some can have rigid requirements, while others have reasonable conditions but takes longer time for processing and approval.

I think my search for small business loans is finally over. I've come across this great company with 14 years of expertise offering benefits which sounded like music to my ears. First, they don't require you of any documents or collateral. So you don’t ever have to worry pawning your precious home or car. Second, you can choose how to spend your funding. Whether it is going to be spent for purchasing machinery and equipment, or for land acquisition and building construction, or for debt refinancing, it does not matter.

Third, you can easily pay for the loan at affordable rates and great terms. Fourth, you don't even need to leave your home or office to apply for the loan because you can apply online, and then get your business loan and credit line in 48 hours. Top that with 2-minutes pre-qualification and fast approval within 24 hours!

Sounds like my dream business is coming true very soon!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Pre-Travel Jitters

Yeah, right. As if I'm going out of the country. Well, at least not for now. I still have four hours to pack, wash some undies and get them dry before packing, finish one episode of graphics for the super-dee-duper kiddie show on Q, and cuddle with my hubby and baby. What the heck am I still doing here, blogging!? I'm gonna miss my online life for sure. But I'm gonna miss hubby and baby THE MOST!

Sunday, June 29, 2008

White Rock Resort

Just as I promised in my post Veering Away, I am posting pictures of White Rock Resort taken from my point-and-shoot Kodak C330 digicam.

I must admit, I still get the jitters whenever I am about to travel. My biggest boo-boo is packing my stuff. I always end up bringing more than enough clothing and toiletries. And after souvenir shop hopping, I end up going home with twice as much stuff to carry.

But I don't think I would be facing such difficulties this time. I've learned from my past travels and besides I am too caught up with finishing my projects before leaving to actually get myself entangled in my pre-travel jitters. But I've got one more thing that I have to really really accomplish before going to White Rock. I've got to buy another swimsuit (yihaa!).

No, make that two things. I have to at least make an effort to lessen the flabs on my abs (was that a rhyme?). Not being able to hit the gym for over a month had its consequences. Ugh!

But anyways, White Rock Resort is probably one of the best tourist spots in Subic. What makes it special is that when you think you've had enough swimming in their three outdoor swimming pools you can still enjoy swimming in the beach!

Yeah, you read it right! Three swimming pools and a beach! And if you think you've had enough of swimming in the beach, you can always get high with lots of water activities like the banana boat ride, sailing, parasailing, canoe, scuba diving, jet skiing, and snorkeling that they offer at oh-so-reasonable rates.

Hmmm, parasailing might be too much for me, I still don't know. If someone would dare me to go for it for half a million dollars I might reconsider. LOL! But I would definitely go snorkelling! The last time I went snorkelling was... [deafening silence] ... four freakin' years ago when we went to Coco Beach in Puerto Galera last 2004. But that's another story of course.

If you're not much of a fan of swimming or water sports, you can still enjoy the resorts facilities like a spa and sauna, fitness gym, bowling alleys, and a lot more. Did I also mention that their food is oh so delectable. They have a wide variety of food choices but my most favorite is their fresh seafood grilled to perfection.

Interested in making an inquiry or reservation? Here's a link to White Rock Resort.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Getting Better Online

I checked my Payperpost account today and it says I will be paid a total of $29 for my two posts: I Signed up for PPP! and Paid Blogging Made Easier. I had no idea that paid blogging would be such a breeze. Now all I gotta do is check the opportunities page more often and then I'm finally on my way to getting my first digital SLR. Yeah baby, yeah!

My blogging and online social life is getting better and better. I won a free domain name registration and one year hosting from a referral contest sponsored by our highschool forum admin Major Kontrapelo at JASHS. I already have an idea of what my domain name would be, only I am still quite undecided what to do about my new webby.

My Social Spark friends and props are increasing by the day, and some offline friends are noticing my email signature which bears the link to this blog. So they get to read my posties. Hi friends!

And I just signed up with Twitter. I hear it's one of the fastest growing social media to hit cyberspace.

Now I have to focus on working with my BidVertiser ads. I am surely gonna miss blogging, I might not be able to blog for the whole week as I am leaving for Subic on the 2nd. But if they got a wi-fi connection in White Rock resort, I might drop some few lines either on this blog or on Twitter.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

YouTube First Timer

Just testing out how to upload on YouTube. This video was taken December last year.

Click HERE to view the clip on YouTube.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Paid Blogging Made Easier

Just like managing any business, a money-making blog requires a lot of hard work from thinking of topics to write about, to actual composition of the post, to driving site traffic, and up to keeping tab of opportunities from advertisers.

Enter SocialSpark. This online community-slash-marketplace creation from IZEA makes all of the above mentioned tasks possible at one fell swoop. It is like a one-stop shop for advertisers and bloggers to connect, build buzz, and do business efficiently.


What I like most about SocialSpark is that I can easily browse for opportunities that are classified according to their availability and to my blog qualification. And even when there is no opportunity available for me, I can still make use of the "Sparks" which are free opportunities that can give me ideas on what topics to blog about.

SocialSpark also gives bloggers the opportunity to meet and interact. I signed up with SocialSpark a month ago, and I was able to make new online friends and receive some "props." A "prop" is like a positive vote that you can give to a blog which you find favorable. And this is made possible as we can view each others’ blogger profiles. You can view my profile here.

As of today, I have received a total of three props. BIG DEAL! LOL! Among the many lessons I have learned from blogging that is worth remembering is that, in the blogosphere, the "give and take" principle applies as it does in real life. So when I log into my SocialSpark account later, I’d be giving away props. It’s props giveaway day today!

On a serious note, the best thing about SocialSpark is their code of ethics which can be summed up as follows:

-100% Audit-able In-Post Disclosure
-100% Transparency
-100% Real Opinions
-100% Search Engine Friendly

If you’re serious about making bucks out of your blog, go for SocialSpark. Let me know when you sign up so I can give you a prop!


Monday, June 16, 2008

First day of School

Bored. He just sat there with his right hand cupping his chin, his elbow resting on the table, while his teacher talked about our role as parents in doing follow-up teaching at home. I am quite puzzled why he behaved like that. He is usually hyperactive. Maybe he was not really bored. Maybe he was enchanted with his girl classmate sitting beside him. After merely five minutes, he started reaching toward his girl classmate as if wanting to touch her hand. While the girl classmate seemed to dislike being the center of my son's attention. Her eyes dilated each time James Paul reached out to her, as if saying "What the f(*&% do you want from me!?" Oh well, I forgot to bring a camera. It would have been a really cute Kodak moment. LOL!

After the orientation, the teacher asked the parents to leave the room, which we all gladly did. I waited for quite some time right outside their classroom then I started to get bored myself. There was no one to talk to as all the parents started leaving right away. Then I remembered to buy his snacks from a nearby store. I got back home to get some money. By the way, his school is just about five houses away from my parent's house so going back and forth is no biggie. I brought his snacks just in time for recess.

So as I handed him his snack, I kissed his hair and said "Eat your snacks na baby oh." I said it sweetly, like how I would say it as always. His teacher seemed surprised that I still call my boy "baby." I suddenly realized that the "baby" I am kissing is inside the classroom, together with his teacher and classmates. Feeling a little awkward, I immediately left the room and watched my son sip apple juice from the tetrapak while looking at me with his big round eyes.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Nothing is Impossible

Here are just some of the major things that I have to accomplish...

before June 16

1. Revisions of new template graphics for one super dee duper kiddie show
2. Move to new home
3. One episode of graphics for one nutrition show

before June 20

4. Streamers for 2 new products
5. Stage design for team building camp cultural night
6. Streamers for team building site

before July 2

7. Three 5-minute AVPs for team building camp
8. Pack for subic
9. Pack for KL

before July 5

10. Church wedding and preparations (whose is it anyway!?)

So help me God.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

I Signed up for PPP!

Getting paid for something that you really love doing is probably one of the best things that can happen to anyone. Take musicians, actors and athletes for example.

Forbes listed Rolling Stones, Madonna and Elton John for topping their highest paid musicians chart, while Hollywood Reporter's annual placed Reese Witherspoon and Angelina Jolie first and second place respectively for being top-paid actresses in Tinseltown. Soccer superstar David Beckham, and golf tycoon Tiger Woods rule the sports world payroll. And what do they all have in common? They are getting paid for simply doing what they love most!

I love doing computer graphic design and animation. If you can guess correctly, my life is about doing that and getting paid for it. I also love writing, hence this blog. But I haven't been paid for my blogging until I make this my first PayPerPost entry.

PayPerPost (PPP) is a sponsored review network that pays bloggers to write reviews about advertisers. I learned about PPP from my old buddy Amore, and she has been getting paid to blog for over two years already. She told me about PPP last year and she had been convincing me to sign up. She says that with my writing skills, I can get more than $300 a month from PPP. But I wasn't blogging during that time. So when I came back to blogging this year, she reminded me to go for PPP again.

As I was new to this paid blogging thing, I had reservations about signing up with PPP. For instance, what if I don't personally agree with the advertiser? Or what if I have no time to blog for the day? But as I read their FAQs, I found out that as a blogger, I have the option to choose what topics to write about, and how much tasks I can take. Therefore I still have control over the content on my blog. And I can still enjoy doing the other things that I love doing, aside from writing and blogging.

Just as I said, one of the best things that can happen to anyone is to get paid for what you love doing. If Paris Hilton is getting paid to party, then I am getting paid to blog!

PayPerPost gives every blogger the awesome opportunity to get paid for writing. If I do hit that extra $300 a month, I'd be declaring a holiday for the week! So if you happen to be a blogger, I suggest that you sign up for PayPerPost too!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Four Weeks to go...

And then I'm off to White Rock Subic, where we'll be having Edmark Philippines' 5th Leadership and Team Building Camp. So far over 400 people have confirmed to attend. With event tickets paid, flights booked and rooms arranged, everything is going according to plan. All I need to do now is finish the AVPs and print mats.

I just sent the layout of our backdrop and 3D perspective of the stage design to our super boss. Hope it gets approved quick so I can move on to other matters. I'm also thinking of using David Cook's winning moment song "Time of My Life" for one of the AVPs, and then David Archuleta's version of "When You Believe" for another.

On other news... We are enrolling my son to a nearby Preschool tomorrow. I just find it so fantastic, how time really flies. I can still vividly remember when I first had a glimpse of him when the nurse handed him to me a day after giving birth. And now he's grown up, over 40 lbs. heavier and can count up to the thousands!

We'll probably be buying his first set of black leather shoes on Saturday. He has always had rubber shoes on, so black leather shoes will be a first for him. I won't be buying him a school bag anymore, we'll just use the Mickey Mouse bag that his Dad bought for him which he used for summer headstart classes a month ago.

By the way, we are moving to a new home. Er, I mean.... its such a long story but I'll tell you the short of it anyway. We bought a house in Caloocan September last year and a few months ago, we realized that it doesn't fit into our plans of venturing into our "business." So we decided to sell our house and move to the center of QC to be at the center of showbiz happenings, I mean, at the center of our future client base. But then our housemaid of 8 months who promised to return after a week of vacation never showed up on the date that she was supposed to. That was... two weeks ago.

It has been very difficult to manage household stuff and work and my hyperactive son all at the same time. And since it's super difficult to get a housemaid, we thought of moving to a house that's near my parent's house so that whenever things get too much for us to handle, they can always come to the rescue. My parent's house is not at the center of QC. In fact, it's about an hour away from QC. But that will have to do for the time being.

Going back to the house for sale, since no one has signified their intention to buy it, we decided to have it rented out. At least, proceeds from the rent will defray the cost of monthly amortization. Ugh! Life is really full of surprises. I was supposed to say tough, but then maybe using another word will somehow translate all of the whirlwind happenings in my life into something that's much easier to accept.

It's been five days since I was baptized in the CFC. All I can say is that living the Christian life is not an easy ride. But I know that it all becomes much sweeter when you know that everything that happens is because of God's divine master plan and that it is for the best.

Up next is our church wedding. Deadline: July 5, 2008. Now, that will be the day!

Monday, June 9, 2008

I miss my veggies

Love them steamed, grilled, boiled, mashed, juiced. But all I had for the past few days were those icky burgers, fries, porkchops and Coke Zero. Sounds unhealthy to me. If you had an uber tight schedule like mine, you would not even dare to lift a finger in your kitchen. And cooking veggies would be the last option. Been watching Quickfire (ten-minute meals) on GMA7 whenever it's on but most of the food that Chef Rosebud had been cooking are meat and fried. Kinda like Rachael Ray's 30-minute meals. Hmmmm... I wonder if I could get my hubby to buy me vegetable salad from Wendy's tonight...

Thursday, June 5, 2008

For Some Reason

i suddenly had the urge to write. i just felt like letting my fingers do the talking. when money is not the motive to write it just feels light and easy. whatever. i just want to have a break. literally. im typing now with my eyes closed. gee now i feel suddenly dizzy. if i were to count the number of days that i have been stressing over my workload i'd run out of fingers and toes. or maybe its just been going on forever like that. i mean, what's freaking new? could it be my pre-baptismal jitters? or the fact that i haven't prepared much for that day? my last decent meal was... i can't remember. do you know how it feels to eat without savoring the food that goes into your mouth? kind of like when you're such in a hurry to take a bath, you walk out of the bathroom puzzled whether you did wash you hair or not. weird isn't it? i just want to have a break. bow!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008


my work load is up to my eyebrows.

Google ad sense disabled my account for invalid click activity. made my online appeal. hope it works out soon.

i miss my baby he's been staying with my parents for more than a week now.
my EP from Hired already gave me a DVD copy of the swimming instructor episode where my son had his first Philippine TV appearance. wanted to upload in you tube but got no freaking time.

last night our facilitators from CFC dropped by to check on us. we got general soul cleaning to do. gotta make my confession before Saturday, before we get prayed over to receive The Holy Spirit. im so excited. i hope ill be able to finish all my projects early so I'd have time to prepare for that day.

this is the suckiest post I've ever made. i wanna say more but i gotta go. whaaa!

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Get Paid for Sharing Files

There are so many ways to earn cash online.

You can get paid to click ads. Sign up for and to see what I mean.

You can get paid to read emails just like in Email-Pays U.

You can get paid just by doing your usual searches by using certain search engines like MySearchFunds.

And one of the latest discovery I found is that you can also get paid for sharing files in Ziddu. Every file you upload that gets downloaded and every successful referral will be paid in cash.

Now, you may be thinking what the heck am I supposed to be sharing files for? Or how the heck should I be sharing files?

Easy. Every time you need to send a file to someone, instead of the usual mail attachment feature on your email provider, you can upload the file on Ziddu instead. Once you upload the file, you can get the download link from your file manager and send that to your intended recipient.

Tell me, has Yahoo or Gmail ever paid you for making all those attachments to your emails? I don't think so! All you gotta do is change your emailing habits and earn cash quick!

Another advantage of using Ziddu is that you don't overload your recipients inbox of heavy attachments because you are only sending the download link to them. You can attach up to 200mb per email and you won't be ever worried that your mail will bounce back because your recipient's email is overquota. Think about that one!

Sign up
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Monday, May 26, 2008

How Rich Will I be in 10 Years

Everything must happen for a reason. And this better be for real...


How much money will you be worth?

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Building my own Website

It has been quite some time since I last designed a website for a client. Using Adobe Photoshop and Macromedia Fireworks and some tinkering with HTML, I was able to come up with professional looking websites in just a few days. I am saying "professional looking" website not because I was a non-pro web designer, but because I did not have any formal training on doing it. Whatever!? Nowadays, it's becoming easier for virtually anyone with a PC and internet connection to make their own website. Blogger and Wordpress, for example, gives free templates. And since webhosting companies have mushroomed almost everywhere, competition is so tight that most of them offer free web templates just to get an edge over their competitors. These free web templates are usually bundled in their hosting packages. To some extent, hiring a web designer nowadays has becomes almost needless. But of course, if you have very specific needs that are not included in the free templates, and if you have ZERO knowledge in editing the text and replacing the images, then getting a web designer can still be handy. I badly need my own website, but I barely have time for it. So I might have to get one of those free templates and just make some adjustments. Email Packages

Friday, May 23, 2008

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