Friday, April 25, 2008

Welcome Aboard

After four years of hibernating from daily blogging, here I am once again typing away on my brand new blog. Welcome to iCREATE+iDEAS. From now on, I would be blogging about my usual raves and reviews on stuff that matter to me, as a digital artist, as a neophyte in pro-blogging, as a photographer wannabe, and as a working mom.

Sometimes I would probably blog about the latest happenings in my career and family life, my feats in weight loss management, and some positive reflections on spirituality, love and wealth creation. I will do my best not to rant because I am turning into a new leaf. Less rants equals less negative happenings in life. More gratitude equals more blessings.

So I hope you will enjoy hanging around, as I would very much enjoy your every visit.

1 comment:

amore said...

hi dey! i'm glad ur back in blogging i can't wait to read more updates and new photos for the newly found hobby =)

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