Thursday, May 29, 2008

Get Paid for Sharing Files

There are so many ways to earn cash online.

You can get paid to click ads. Sign up for and to see what I mean.

You can get paid to read emails just like in Email-Pays U.

You can get paid just by doing your usual searches by using certain search engines like MySearchFunds.

And one of the latest discovery I found is that you can also get paid for sharing files in Ziddu. Every file you upload that gets downloaded and every successful referral will be paid in cash.

Now, you may be thinking what the heck am I supposed to be sharing files for? Or how the heck should I be sharing files?

Easy. Every time you need to send a file to someone, instead of the usual mail attachment feature on your email provider, you can upload the file on Ziddu instead. Once you upload the file, you can get the download link from your file manager and send that to your intended recipient.

Tell me, has Yahoo or Gmail ever paid you for making all those attachments to your emails? I don't think so! All you gotta do is change your emailing habits and earn cash quick!

Another advantage of using Ziddu is that you don't overload your recipients inbox of heavy attachments because you are only sending the download link to them. You can attach up to 200mb per email and you won't be ever worried that your mail will bounce back because your recipient's email is overquota. Think about that one!

Sign up
for free. Upload your files and share them to all your friends. Everytime your file is downloaded cash goes to you!


Troy Franklin said...

Interesting information...I didn't know about this money-making opportunity (i.e., sharing files).

getpaidtotry said...

This is a perfect example of the more the merrier. Before you sign up with a boat load of these companies I would highly recommend setting up a new email account strictly for receiving survey invites because you will be receiving a lot of invites.

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