Thursday, May 15, 2008

Veering Away...

I know I promised not to rant about stuff. But here I am ready to vent. I guess I really need some time off work. The last time I went to the gym was last Saturday where I think I burned over 200 calories from all that running, cycling, and rowing. I literally felt de-stressed after sweating it all out for like 40 minutes straight in the cardio theater. But I need something different from my usual work at home - gym - work at home - client meet - work at home - church routine. It would be nice if I could just snap my fingers and go kapoof into some virgin island. Or spend at least an hour in the spa. Hey that reminds me, I still can avail of Fitness First's Mother's Day Promo! You see, members who are certified moms get to experience their spa services for free. I have no idea though what kind of spa service they'd offer for free. They have really pricey services. Oh well, better have my slot booked before this month's over. After that I'm freezing my membership for about two months because I'm going to be uber-busy come June. We'll be loaded with preparations for Edmark's Leadership and Team Building Camp in White Rock Subic on the first week of July. Then I'm off to KL for the third time a week after that. Speaking of White Rock, we went there about two weeks ago to do some ocular thingies. Will post some pics of the place some other time.

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