Monday, June 16, 2008

First day of School

Bored. He just sat there with his right hand cupping his chin, his elbow resting on the table, while his teacher talked about our role as parents in doing follow-up teaching at home. I am quite puzzled why he behaved like that. He is usually hyperactive. Maybe he was not really bored. Maybe he was enchanted with his girl classmate sitting beside him. After merely five minutes, he started reaching toward his girl classmate as if wanting to touch her hand. While the girl classmate seemed to dislike being the center of my son's attention. Her eyes dilated each time James Paul reached out to her, as if saying "What the f(*&% do you want from me!?" Oh well, I forgot to bring a camera. It would have been a really cute Kodak moment. LOL!

After the orientation, the teacher asked the parents to leave the room, which we all gladly did. I waited for quite some time right outside their classroom then I started to get bored myself. There was no one to talk to as all the parents started leaving right away. Then I remembered to buy his snacks from a nearby store. I got back home to get some money. By the way, his school is just about five houses away from my parent's house so going back and forth is no biggie. I brought his snacks just in time for recess.

So as I handed him his snack, I kissed his hair and said "Eat your snacks na baby oh." I said it sweetly, like how I would say it as always. His teacher seemed surprised that I still call my boy "baby." I suddenly realized that the "baby" I am kissing is inside the classroom, together with his teacher and classmates. Feeling a little awkward, I immediately left the room and watched my son sip apple juice from the tetrapak while looking at me with his big round eyes.


wandering elephant said...

aaaaah ang cute. lumalaki na baby boy moh!

Meg Sioson said...

ha! ha! I used to do that on my daughter's first day in nursery. Good thing your baby didn't throw any tantrums.

dea_tabs said...

@wandering elephant: yeah my baby's a boy already

@meg sioson: what tantrums!? even on his first during last summer classes he didn't throw any tantrums. he likes being in a new environment and being with so many other kids!