Thursday, June 5, 2008

For Some Reason

i suddenly had the urge to write. i just felt like letting my fingers do the talking. when money is not the motive to write it just feels light and easy. whatever. i just want to have a break. literally. im typing now with my eyes closed. gee now i feel suddenly dizzy. if i were to count the number of days that i have been stressing over my workload i'd run out of fingers and toes. or maybe its just been going on forever like that. i mean, what's freaking new? could it be my pre-baptismal jitters? or the fact that i haven't prepared much for that day? my last decent meal was... i can't remember. do you know how it feels to eat without savoring the food that goes into your mouth? kind of like when you're such in a hurry to take a bath, you walk out of the bathroom puzzled whether you did wash you hair or not. weird isn't it? i just want to have a break. bow!

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