Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Four Weeks to go...

And then I'm off to White Rock Subic, where we'll be having Edmark Philippines' 5th Leadership and Team Building Camp. So far over 400 people have confirmed to attend. With event tickets paid, flights booked and rooms arranged, everything is going according to plan. All I need to do now is finish the AVPs and print mats.

I just sent the layout of our backdrop and 3D perspective of the stage design to our super boss. Hope it gets approved quick so I can move on to other matters. I'm also thinking of using David Cook's winning moment song "Time of My Life" for one of the AVPs, and then David Archuleta's version of "When You Believe" for another.

On other news... We are enrolling my son to a nearby Preschool tomorrow. I just find it so fantastic, how time really flies. I can still vividly remember when I first had a glimpse of him when the nurse handed him to me a day after giving birth. And now he's grown up, over 40 lbs. heavier and can count up to the thousands!

We'll probably be buying his first set of black leather shoes on Saturday. He has always had rubber shoes on, so black leather shoes will be a first for him. I won't be buying him a school bag anymore, we'll just use the Mickey Mouse bag that his Dad bought for him which he used for summer headstart classes a month ago.

By the way, we are moving to a new home. Er, I mean.... its such a long story but I'll tell you the short of it anyway. We bought a house in Caloocan September last year and a few months ago, we realized that it doesn't fit into our plans of venturing into our "business." So we decided to sell our house and move to the center of QC to be at the center of showbiz happenings, I mean, at the center of our future client base. But then our housemaid of 8 months who promised to return after a week of vacation never showed up on the date that she was supposed to. That was... two weeks ago.

It has been very difficult to manage household stuff and work and my hyperactive son all at the same time. And since it's super difficult to get a housemaid, we thought of moving to a house that's near my parent's house so that whenever things get too much for us to handle, they can always come to the rescue. My parent's house is not at the center of QC. In fact, it's about an hour away from QC. But that will have to do for the time being.

Going back to the house for sale, since no one has signified their intention to buy it, we decided to have it rented out. At least, proceeds from the rent will defray the cost of monthly amortization. Ugh! Life is really full of surprises. I was supposed to say tough, but then maybe using another word will somehow translate all of the whirlwind happenings in my life into something that's much easier to accept.

It's been five days since I was baptized in the CFC. All I can say is that living the Christian life is not an easy ride. But I know that it all becomes much sweeter when you know that everything that happens is because of God's divine master plan and that it is for the best.

Up next is our church wedding. Deadline: July 5, 2008. Now, that will be the day!

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