Saturday, June 28, 2008

Getting Better Online

I checked my Payperpost account today and it says I will be paid a total of $29 for my two posts: I Signed up for PPP! and Paid Blogging Made Easier. I had no idea that paid blogging would be such a breeze. Now all I gotta do is check the opportunities page more often and then I'm finally on my way to getting my first digital SLR. Yeah baby, yeah!

My blogging and online social life is getting better and better. I won a free domain name registration and one year hosting from a referral contest sponsored by our highschool forum admin Major Kontrapelo at JASHS. I already have an idea of what my domain name would be, only I am still quite undecided what to do about my new webby.

My Social Spark friends and props are increasing by the day, and some offline friends are noticing my email signature which bears the link to this blog. So they get to read my posties. Hi friends!

And I just signed up with Twitter. I hear it's one of the fastest growing social media to hit cyberspace.

Now I have to focus on working with my BidVertiser ads. I am surely gonna miss blogging, I might not be able to blog for the whole week as I am leaving for Subic on the 2nd. But if they got a wi-fi connection in White Rock resort, I might drop some few lines either on this blog or on Twitter.

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