Wednesday, June 4, 2008


my work load is up to my eyebrows.

Google ad sense disabled my account for invalid click activity. made my online appeal. hope it works out soon.

i miss my baby he's been staying with my parents for more than a week now.
my EP from Hired already gave me a DVD copy of the swimming instructor episode where my son had his first Philippine TV appearance. wanted to upload in you tube but got no freaking time.

last night our facilitators from CFC dropped by to check on us. we got general soul cleaning to do. gotta make my confession before Saturday, before we get prayed over to receive The Holy Spirit. im so excited. i hope ill be able to finish all my projects early so I'd have time to prepare for that day.

this is the suckiest post I've ever made. i wanna say more but i gotta go. whaaa!

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