Monday, July 28, 2008

Goodbye to Helmet...

Say Hello to Seatbelt! Introducing our very own Chevy Spark 2008! It just makes me giggle every time my hubby presses the keyless entry control. I'm not even sure what it's called. It's that thing attached to our car key that makes a high pitched "chwoot" sound when you press it and it unlocks the car doors without actually inserting the key. Whew!

Well, this is not the actual picture. But our car looks exactly like this. Except of course the plate says Chevrolet Quezon Ave. Registered blah-blah...

It has been a looong past five days for us. Getting the banks to approve our auto loan. Having to answer all those calls from the C.I. officers. Making sure that all post-approval documents are complete. Dropping by the bank to get a Manager's Check to make that downpayment. Issuing those PDCs only to get them back because we switched to a better bank. Texting and calling our agent to confirm what kind of tint, matting, seat cover and plate ending number we wanted.

And finally the day of the release of the car. We let my Dad drive it first because my hubby still had to refresh his driving skills. So Dad was sitting on the driver's seat, hubby on his side and I was sitting at the back with Mom. But that's not all. We've only just begun!


On the way home, when we first entered our street, there was this drunk jacka** blocking our way and he wouldn't let us through. It's a one lane only street, so there was no other way but to warn him to move over and let us pass. So my Dad politely waved at him and pointed him to move, which he did ungracefully.

As we drove past, he tapped rudely on our car and walked away. Animal instincts probably dominated my hubby and he immediately got out and called out to him and asked him "What are you doing that tapping for!?" Before my husband was fully out of the car, I also got out and mustered all the courage to back up. Images of self-defense were rapidly playing in my mind as he approached us. And all I did was asked him the same question in a nicer, gentler manner. Nobody knew that my heart was pounding, my mind was screaming "whatdahe** this is not happening!?"

Turns out that we was not drunk. He was just pretending to be drunk. I knew it because he didn't reek of alcohol, but he was swaying like he's just acting. And in defense he even said,

"I just needed something to lean on because I was drunk!" Then my hubby said, "You didn't have to do that to my car."

"This is not your car!" Yours is a motorcycle. This isn't yours." Hubby just said, "Okay just don't do that again." Good thing that my hubby and I are struggling to be nice (even if deep inside I felt the adrenaline rush to manhandle!), so my hubby said something to calm him down which sounded gibberish to me, because I was either so nervous or so mad at him for being such a j**k. All that came out of my mouth were, "Then better be careful while walking!" Then Mr. I-have-to-prove-Im-drunk directed his gaze at me and said, "I know you! I know you! You're the niece of Meroo, were friends!" But he was saying it half-rudely. So I said "Yeah I am who you think I am!" Then my hubby just calmed him down again and he walked away.

I suddenly noticed all of our neighbors were watching us. I felt quite relieved that there were witnesses, in case something really nasty happens.

So, I thought that was the end. But he returned with a bunch of guys, whom I first thought was backing him up. As they approached, I told my husband to go inside and let me handle it. Because if he was up to something really nasty then I want him to get through me first. Writing about this now makes me think, what the he** was going on my mind!? My heart was racing once again, especially when my hubby wouldn't go inside the house. But I noticed that the guys weren't backing him up, they were in fact, stopping him from tripping on us. Perhaps realizing that it was all of us against him he just said. "Why would I tap your car, I cannot afford to pay for anything!" his hands were waving like crazy.

At that point, the guys were pulling him back. And then my hubby just tapped him on the shoulder and said. "It's okay now. Okay." And he smiled. I smiled back (AS IF!!?) Something inside me was screaming "OMG, PLEASE SEND HIM HOME AND LEAVE US IN PEACE." Finally when he saw that my hubby and I are both smiling he went happily home but on the way he shouted, "I don't wanna hear news of this in the Barangay tomorrow!" Ugh! What a crazy creature!

But the day's adventure has another twist. Read it only here. Tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

prang my kulang sa story???

ung police n may gun. haha!

dea_tabs said...

oist! sa next post ko pa un! hehe

Jeff said...

congratulations sa bagong kotse! sa susunod na bloggers meet pasakay :) how are you guys?

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