Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Pre-Travel Jitters

Yeah, right. As if I'm going out of the country. Well, at least not for now. I still have four hours to pack, wash some undies and get them dry before packing, finish one episode of graphics for the super-dee-duper kiddie show on Q, and cuddle with my hubby and baby. What the heck am I still doing here, blogging!? I'm gonna miss my online life for sure. But I'm gonna miss hubby and baby THE MOST!


wandering elephant said...

aaaah sad nman at mwawala ka for a few days. yakapin mo na ng mahigpit si james at kiss mo na si daddy!

wandering elephant said...

bakit violet c papa?

dea_tabs said...

effects sa camera fon nya yan. ayaw mo nun, barney!?