Friday, August 1, 2008

Random Heads Up

Yes This Load!

Someone gave a not-so-nice comment about my blog by posting a short write up on his blog. How do I react? I posted a nice comment on his blog. LOL! Because I have to thank him for at least one back link job done for me. KEWL!

First Day of Fitness Again!

Today is my first day of going back to the gym. I am imagining that it won't be that hard to get back in shape. I so miss doing my cardio and weights, and most especially my relaxing moments at the steam bath and sauna.


I just saw this funny movie last night and it made me think about my college days. Of how much oblation freedom there is in the campus, and how much we whined about the admin and the government and everything else that sucks. If I were to relive my life, I choose to still undergo the same experience, but maybe not the part where I fail the Math departmentals!

Designer's Block!

Something is wrong. My designer's block has taken it's toll. And I experience it more often for the past few months. When I asked my spiritual teacher about it he just gave me two words: "DROP EVERYTHING!" I said what do you mean "drop everything!?" He repeated to me: "DROP EVERYTHING! Go outside, play with the kids, watch a funny movie. Don't think about work and free your mind of clutter. After about an hour or two, when you go back to work, you'll see things in a different light, and your creative juices are gonna start flowing."


fred said...

gandang araw, dea!
yup, too much stress takes out the creative drive.
ahh college years, we crafted and proposed viable options while criticizing them all, as in all. hehe :p it would be good to mention that some of the alternatives we've been exposed to in college are seeing light in mainstream and congress, such as house bills for genuine agrarian reform, wage hikes, tax exemptions, cheaper meds, removal of EVAT, and lots of those. comes with a lot of stress, though.

wandering elephant said...

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