Sunday, August 3, 2008

Adobe Contribute

I just installed Adobe CS3 Master Collection on my PC this morning and there is this new software in the bundle called Contribute which makes it possible for bloggers to manage and edit their blogs without having to log into their blog accounts. I am using Contribute now to make this post and it's cool to see how my post would actually look like on my Firefox browser as I type the words. Type. Type. Type. COOL!



After meeting with majorkontrapelo and some of his millionaire friends neil and almer last Saturday night, my hubby and I are very determined to seriously invest in online money-making opportunities. So far my blogging has helped me earn an extra $40 last month. Not bad, right? But that's not good enough compared to their six to seven figure income from internet marketing and other stuff which  I don't know how to call. I've learned tons of stuff from these guys. In fact, the information overload is so overwhelming that I haven't had a decent sleep for the past two days!

One of the most important things that I have learned from that meeting is that the internet is such a huuuuge gold mine, and it is only waiting for us to learn the ways to maximize its multi-million income potential. There are plenty of ways to earn, and paid blogging is just one of them. In fact, of all the topics we have covered, I am very much interested in learning those automated income generating schemes! I mean, all I have to do is to be careful and smart enough to find out which sites to invest, sit back and wait for the money to rain on me.

Then I can add more cars to our Sparky, And maybe a condo in every business district. A mansion in every city. A resthouse in every tourist spot in every country. My very own spa and healthclub. My very own TV Network and Film Studio. WHOA! That's what I'm talking about!


wandering elephant said...

waaaah too bad di ako nkajoin... may next time pb? itching to learn from the millionaires!

yuva said...

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