Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Eraserheads Reunion Concert

Yes, the rumors are true. It's confirmed. The biggest Filipino rock band ever, the Eraserheads, Ely, Raimund, Buddy, and Marcus are together again and will be performing live in a reunion concert on August 30, 2008 at the CCP open grounds. I'm just so excited to see these guys back together on stage.

The first time I saw them was in the second semester of 1996, during their Fruitcake album signing event at the newly opened Ever Gotesco in Recto. Silly me, I missed the "Fruitcake album signing" part. All I knew was I had to skip classes to be there and catch their live performance at the mall's Food Court. So I was in a haze looking for the stage and their setup. I was even paranoid that they won't be coming because there was no sign of one Eraserheads concert staff or crew. Even the guards of Ever had no idea that there was an Eraserheads performance. I even doubted if they actually knew that Eraserheads was a band, not a brand of eraser sold at any National Bookstore! (They kept pointing me towards that direction, by the way!)

I was almost deranged when I realized that THERE WAS NO CONCERT! JUST AN ALBUM SIGNING SESSION! But then the guards were still clueless as what was about to happen and where it was going to happen. There were also other hopefuls all over the place, I knew they were Eraserheads fans because they all came down from the Food Court, they had that confused look in their eyes, and their fruitcake albums in their hands of course! Then I had another epiphany, I was supposed to have a Fruitcake album to be able to get inside wherever this event would be taking place. I didn't even bother to check my pocket because I knew I only had twenty pesos, enough for me to get home from Ever Gotesco. I had a serious dilemna because I had to get money, but I couldn't leave the other Eheads hopefuls and risk losing the lead to the event, and time was running out but I still had no Fruitcake album!

Then out of dust, the guards suddenly looked professional and started making a formation as if a VIP was coming and they started to make those gestures asking us to move aside. I knew what it meant so I started running like crazy towards the Food Court! I can't remember how the hell it happened but when I got there the Eraserheads were already there and a long queue of Fruitcake owners was already in place! Talk about madness! So I jumped across the security ropes and ran as fast as I could, as I stepped my right foot on the stage, two guards ran towards me and grabbed both my arms and "carried" me away from the band. I was so embarrassed that I pointed at the first guy that I saw and told the guards that "I'm with him!" Poor guy, he was so shocked but he didn't deny anything so I was able to get in line right after him. And while I'm being at my cutest, I borrowed his other Eheads albums just to justify my being there. He said, as long as I get the band to sign it and I return it to him its fine.

After a few seconds I found myself handing my magnetic phonebook (the one that opens up a long accordion of paper but folds neatly like a wallet size photo) to Buddy, Raimund, Ely and finally Marcus. I was so freaking starstrucked that I wasn't able to even say anything except, "could you please sign on this?" I forgot to have the poor guy's albums signed! But hey, I still fulfilled half of the bargain by returning it to him. LOL!

Last time I saw them was in February 1998 in the UP Fair held at the UP Sunken Garden. That was ten freaking years ago! I was with my friends Toni and Breezy. We weren't on the front row, but we were on the back stage! And I don't even recall of paying for the tickets because we might have gate crashed. No, I'm just kidding. We might have been given free tickets by the USC-UP Fair organizing team.

So we have been waiting for them for more than three hours, and suddenly I needed to pee! And the nearest decent CR was in the College of Engineering! It's like a ten-minute walk to get there. I almost wanted to put it off until they finish their set but I really really had to go. So I hurriedly went there to do my thing. But just before I was through, I heard the emcee announce that the Eraserheads is on. I knew it because they were doing the intro of "Alapaap." So I didn't even bother to wipe, I just zipped my pants and ran to the Sunken Garden like CRAZY!!!

When I got to the backstage was ecstatic! It felt like I was on top of the world to be able to see them live and up close. I kept hollering at Raimund to play Andalusian Dog, but he wouldn't hear me at first. When he finally heard me, he pointed at Ely as if saying, "Tell it to THE MAN!" Oh well I was on cloud nine as they performed each song. I was so in love with Ely and the gang that I wished I was the microphone!

After the performance I asked Marcus for his pick, but he ended up giving me his lighter, which only encouraged me to smoke. LOL! We got to have a photo with Buddy, and I got to chat with Ely in the parking lot. It was one of the greatest moments in Philippine History!

That was a long drift. Back to the Eraserheads reunion concert. They won't be selling tickets. LOL! But they are giving it for free online! I'll keep you posted on where you can get it, so keep coming back for more info.


wandering elephant said...

who would ever forget that night?! i agree, it was one of the best nights in Philippine history. haha. I kept telling people that we talked to them, nobody believed me... haha. and i remember being backstage, being so high about it, and being in love with the eheads! those days were the best!

wandering elephant said...

yeah, nood tyo. i think we need to sign up sa marbloro reds site. check it out, check ko din this wkend. waaaaah we need to be there!

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