Thursday, August 28, 2008

Web Hosting Reviews, Rating and Awards

I’ve managed to get my own domain, right? But getting the right hosting turned out to be a bloody task especially for a newbie like me. Usually I would simply depend on my friends’ referrals whenever I sign up for something. But getting the right hosting that fits my budget and requirements meant doing thorough research on my part. Since I wanted an ultra-affordable hosting with the most features and possibly offering a reseller option, I spent a great deal of time surfing for web hosting sites and counterchecking them vis-à-vis site reviews.

This worked well only at the start, but it got confusing in the long run because of the information overload. Not only that, some site reviews appeared too good to be true that it looked like it was just a marketing ploy for a fly-by-night web hosting company. Just when I was on the brink of pressing the checkout button on first site that appeared from the search results page, I found out about this comprehensive web host rating that gave all the valuable information I needed to decide.

Featuring the biggest searchable web hosting directory, this web host rating site offers comprehensive information on all legitimate web hosting providers about their plans, site management features, and active discount coupons. As it is based purely on customer satisfaction feedback, concerns like reliability, uptime, and technical support are shed into light. Best of all, its authenticity is unparalleled via unedited reviews and voting system by real customers. That means you and me!

Want more value for this free information? Go check out their articles section where every conceivable techie term is dissected for layman’s consumption.


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Exchange Rates said...

Sure a reliable web for web hosting reviews and ratings, helped me a lot.